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TLC Principals

  • TLC's agents are held to strict standards, and are monitored by a highly proactive Quality Assurance team.

  • TLC's Training team conducts agent training specifically targeted to ensure that its pledge to partners and consumers is understood and followed, and that failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination.

    Any TLC agent, in the act of providing our computer support and repair services, will comply with the following:

TLC agents will not:

  • Make a call to any customer unless explicitly requested by a Customer
  • Use scare tactics, false, misleading or deceptive tactics (e.g., stating there are errors or malware when there are not) to upsell to the Customer services, products and goods such as repairs and additional software;
  • Falsely represent to the Customer that they actually need a repair of their computer or any software when in fact they do not;
  • Present to the Customer that they actually have malware, viruses or any harmful software on their computer when such threat does not exist;
  • Misrepresent themselves, the products or the services they are selling; or present to be endorsed by a company or software which they are not (see section 1.8 below);
  • Use misleading solicitation methods to get the Customer to purchase goods or services;
  • Misrepresent the material aspects of the performance, efficacy or nature of the goods and services the Customer is offered to purchase;
  • Falsely represent sponsorship, endorsement or membership. TLC agents may not misrepresent affiliation with or endorsement or sponsorship by any person or entity (e.g., may not present as Microsoft Partner or use the Microsoft Certified seal unless approved by Microsoft). Further, TLC agents may not create the impression of such association or that they are related to such affiliates in any way;
  • Upsell any services or product before first providing the applicable assistance to the Customer in relation to the initial purpose of the call;
  • Access or install any software on Customer's computer without obtaining the Customer's prior informed and explicit consent.

TLC's agents will:

  • Insure that all required disclosures are made truthfully;
  • Disclose any and all material information to the caller before the Customer pays. Material Information is any information that would likely affect the Customer's decision whether or not to purchase the goods and services;
  • When presenting costs, present total yearly cost and not only the monthly cost, if applicable;
  • Obtain express verifiable authorization when the payment is made;
  • Obtain customer's permission prior to remotely accessing their system;
  • If there are warning and errors to repair, the TLC agent shall state to the Customer the root cause of the warning and errors before selling the repair services.

Data Collection Guarantee:

  • TLC agents may not collect and store Customer's data during or based on the provision of the services, unless:
  • The data collection is compliant with any applicable data privacy & protection laws and regulations;
  • The agent has disclosed to the Customer the types of any information collected during the provision of the services and the purpose of the collection of each type.
  • TLC agents may not use Customers' personal information for any other purpose than for the purpose of the provision of the services without obtaining the Customer's explicit consent for such use.
  • Any data collected and stored by TLC, whether temporary or otherwise, shall be protected and secured as required by law.